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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sweet Home: Pithoragarh

On 16th of this month I visited to Pithoragarh, my sweet home. It was Harela, a festival of greenery and prosperity celebrated in Kumaon region, and a group of friends inaugurated newly formed organization with  the same name "HARELA" at Shantikunj, Didihat. The mission of this organization is  to promote nature conservation by the approach of reconciliation ecology. I must elaborate about the organization in some other post; here I am sharing some frames captured during this short visit.
Night Lights of Pithoragarh

Shantikunj, Didihat (Pithoragarh)
Dharani Maata temple as Shantikunj
Shraavan ka rang haraa re...
Lyuda- the delicious fern


  1. It is something fresh, beautiful and a best gift on this July .....

  2. such vibrant colors. When I click photos of this kind I imagine it to like this but it turns out be something else. Have to learns some skills from you.

    Amazing photographs.


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