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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Building Walkways: Observation on Nest Duplication of Stingless Bee Trigona iridipennins

Preeti S. Virkar*, Shivam Shrotriya & V. P. Uniyal

Besides the popular honeybees, Apis cerana and Apis mellifera, stingless bees are also reared for honey, having high medicinal value. The practice of keeping stingless bees is called meliponiculture. Naturally stingless bees nest in a variety of habitats ranging from cracks, crevices of trees, walls and
sometimes even underground. However, their specific nesting habits are not yet well studied. There are two methods of acquiring these bees from natural habitat- hiving & eduction. While first is destructive to the colony of stingless bees, second method consumes a lot more time. We are studying the reasons for this delay, which can make eduction technique efficient and adaptable to beekeepers. Our initial observations are reported in this article.

Find the article from here.

citation: Virkar, Preeti S, Shivam Shrotriya, and V P Uniyal. 2014. “Building Walkways : Observation on Nest Duplication of Stingless Bee Trigona Iridipennins Smith ( 1854 ).” Ambient Science 1 (1): 38–40.

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