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Monday, December 17, 2012

HARELA (हरेला)

Months back I talked about the inauguration of an organization- Harela, in Pithoragarh district, in this post. The organization has come up with their first brochure, giving introduction, vision, mission and objectives. I'm sharing the content of the brochure-

"HARELA" the word symbolizes for greenery and prosperity in its roots. HARELA, the society, is a way formulated from the ideas of conservation and living in harmony with nature. It provides a platform to generate, share, develop and enact the thoughts and concepts of nature conservation and believes in the approach of Reconciliation Ecology, hence it tools community involvement and applied science. It works with the local communities, government agencies and organizations and individuals with similar objectives  on equal participatory basis.

"A shared responsibility and contribution by everyone to maintain the co-existence of human and nature."

"To develop the local models of nature conservation based on community participation, traditional knowledge and applied science; and disseminate the learning for global cause."

  • To innovate, learn and apply the concepts, methods and techniques favoring conservation of nature, ecosystems and wildlife with the consideration of meeting the needs of local communities
  • To network with Community based organizations (CBOs), Government agencies and organizations, groups and individuals working for similar goals
  • To impart the understanding of ecological reconciliation and scientific information among the stakeholders using and managing natural resources (e.g. - CBOs; government authorities)
  • To gather and promote the use of traditional knowledge in the benefit of nature and people
  • To ensure the dissemination of knowledge and experience earned through our work for global use.

HARELA was registered (2/2012-2013) under society registration act 1860E, as a society in April, 2012 and aims to work nationwide. We initiated the work in the area of Shantikunj, Didihat in the district of Pithoragarh. Shantikunj is a pocket of dense forest of about 19 acres developed and conserved by the efforts of Vriksha Mitra Kunwar Damodar Singh Rathor, now in his 80s. We are taking steps to continue his efforts with the involvement of the locals around the area and expanding our work in other parts of Uttarakhand. We welcome every support for further improvement and development of HARELA.

Contact the organization for further information and their work-


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