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Friday, April 13, 2012

Radio-Telemetry Studies in India - Issues and Way-Forward

Bilal Habib, Shivam Shrotriya, K. Sivakumar, V. B. Mathur, P. R. Sinha


Radio-telemetry was first introduced in India in 1976. Since then telemetry technology has advanced significantly and has been used to study a wide array of animal species in different habitats. We have reviewed information obtained from 76 studies conducted so far in India using telemetry and evaluated the performance of the transmitters used, mainly for their functional success. We have reviewed the tracking histories of 455 animals from four major taxa: Mammalia (28 species), Aves (11 species), Reptilia (7 species) and Pisces (1 species). The transmitters used in the studies were of 6 types: conventional VHF collars, Argos-only equipment (PTT tags and collars), GPS collars with Argos uplinks, GPS collars with Iridium uplink, GPS collars with VHF or UHF ground downloads and GPS collars with GSM download. Detailed information was obtained for 221 VHF collars, 82 Argos-only tags, 15 GPS-Argos collars, 4 GPS-Iridium collars, 8 GPS-ground download collars and 5 GPS-GSM collars. These transmitters were from 13 companies, with Telonics (n=119), Sirtrack (n=71), Advanced Telemetry Systems (n=46), Wildlfie Materials (n=30), AVM instruments (n=24) and Vectronics (n=13) being the major suppliers. Of 328 different collars/tags checked for failure during use, problems had been encountered with 161 collars/tags, i.e., 49 % of the total number of collars used. Other issues related to telemetry studies, namely the efficiency of equipment, cost considerations, appropriateness of studies, animal handling and care, permissions, need for national guidelines and future directions, are discussed in the paper.

Read the complete article from here.
Find this Envis Bulletin from here or here.

Citation:Habib, B., Shrotriya, S., Sivakumar, K., Mathur, V. B., & Sinha, P. R. (2010). Radio-Telemetry Studies in India- Issues and Way Forward. In K. Sivakumar & B. Habib (Eds.), Telemetry in Wildlife Science, Envis Bulletin: Wildlife and Protected Area, Vol. 13, No. 1 (pp. 03–19). Dehradun: Wildlife Institute of India.

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