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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kala Ghoda Art Festival, 2012- Mumbai

Recently I got a chance to visit Mumbai, my first jaunt to the city of Indian Dreams. The trip turned a feverish experience with discovering myself splattered of astonishing art manifestations in precinct of the Kala Ghoda Art Festival. It was 12th Feb., last day of the week of a kaleidoscope culture of music, dance, theatre, literature, street stalls, films, visual arts and heritage walks, making it Mumbai's biggest festive extravaganza.

Visual Arts section of the festival exhibits amazing architectural and installation artworks. The theme of this eye-catching section this year was 'Let there be Light', providing a platform for young, talented and upcoming creative people to display their works. I've tried to capture a snick of that sentience.

Mumbai che Kavale

Horse History

Submerging World

Om Shrotam Shrotam !

Urban Metamorphosis

Death Tray

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